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Current Version : 1.0

           Others Hyttoon products:
              Babelf 1.0 (Windows Installer)

Software features

  • Extract and present the core content of selected web sites
    1. Show the core content in a sharp and clear fashion
    2. Ignore irrelevant information
    3. Support content customization by page sections
    4. Support content customization by keyword filtering
  • Improve the browsing experiences
    1. Present the clear and unified layout across web sites
    2. Simplify the operations by mouse or keyboard
    3. Present the images in original size
  • Use and share the information
    1. Share the web page content with email
    2. Print the web page content in the style of publication
    3. Save the web page content as PDF files in the style of publication
  • Multilingual support
    1. Support 20 GUI languages
    2. Support transactions of pages for 20 target languages
  • Selected web site index upgrade
    1. Support automatic or manual upgrades for selected web sites